The neuralgic center of the city for most of its history. A part of it was designed and built by Juan de Herrera during the reign of Felipe II.

Year 1854

Pl. Zocodover

The origin of its name comes from Arabic and means 'market of pack animals,' being the focal point of social life in the town since medieval times.

When the old square was destroyed by a fire on October 29, 1589, a decision was made to build a new one. In 1854, an ambitious project was outlined, led by the technician Santiago Martín Ruiz, to reorganize Zocodover Square, transforming it into a rectangular arcaded square.

Currently, it is one of the places in the city where numerous events and festivities take place. It also serves as a popular meeting and enjoyment spot for the people of Toledo, and, above all, it is a must-visit for the thousands of tourists exploring the streets of the historic district throughout the year.

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